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"The purpose of this report is to present text relevent to interpreting the Decumbiture chart. What is a decumbiture? It may be one of several events - the time a person feels so sick that they retire to their bed (the traditional meaning), or it may be the time of a sudden onset of a disease condition, such as a seizure. It may be the time of admission to a hospital. Each of these would be interpreted in the same way - as a starting point to the delineation of what the disease condition may be, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual, how readily it may be cured, and the general length of the disease. Please note that this report should never be taken as a substitute for an examination and diagnosis by a qualified health care practitioner." By Lee Lehman.

"Classical Astrology, unlike Modern Astrology, does not approach an astrological chart from a psychological point of view. The style is more predictive and pragmatic. There is less emphasis on motivation and evolution; more emphasis on how, when and what rather than on why." "This report hopefully provides a bridge between a way of viewing life unfoldment in a culture which lacked much belief in the ability for self improvement, to a culture in which self improvement has become an obsession. Both viewpoints have their validity. To believe that everything that happens to the Native is a result of her or his Free Will is to end up blaming the person when things go wrong. But to stand by when action is needed to change one's lot is folly." By Lee Lehman. Bert Newton's Classical Report (pdf)