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Bert Newton (aka 'Moonface') has Moon on his Midheaven
The sign on the Ascendant of one's birth chart is the face one shows to the world. 'Big-headed' (and big-hearted) Melbourne TV personality Bert Newton has Leo rising - and while he doesn't have the trademark Leo mane of hair he is however well-known for proudly showing off (and sometimes taking off) his 'Oscar' - a golden hairpiece. Yet the planet ruling the Ascendant may also influence one's looks. Known affectionately as 'Moonface,' Newton has the Sun ruling his Ascendant from the last (30th) degree of Cancer. His Sun is thus ruled by his Moon (from the midheaven no less)! Now that's an extremely moony combination!

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Veronicas upset during Chiron's transit of their Venus
Capricorn twins Jess & Lisa Origliasso have Venus in Aquarius, a planet-in-sign combination that often leads to experimentation in relationships. Also the Aquarian Venus's love of freedom may lead to commitment issues. Now with Chiron (the 'wounded healer' planet) currently conjunct their Venus (the love and relationships planet), Lisa has reportedly split with her beau and topless pictures of Jess snapped during a past liaison (along with pix of her kissing MTV's Ruby Rose) have been leaked to the press. Having faced the music maybe the sisters should call 'time out' to recuperate (and perhaps channel their feelings into some new lyrics?). [click here to see their chart]