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gold trunks
Virgo Eamon Sullivan is perfectly primed to win Gold
The champion swimmer (and underwear model) was born with his Virgo Sun conjunct Australia's Mars, indicating that he might one day compete to win Gold for his country. Sullivan has a 17° Scorpio Ascendant with Saturn rising at 22° Scorpio, respectively in square aspect with Mercury at 18° Leo and Mars at 23° Leo on his Midheaven. That angular combination of intense (Scorpio) self-discipline (Saturn) and agile (Mercury) strength (Mars) has helped him become the fastest swimmer in history. Now almost aged 23, he has the opportunity to draw on all the training he has done (particularly since ages 17 to 18) in order to secure a Gold medal in the pool at the Beijing Games. The planetary forces are with him! [see his astro profile]

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Indigo Packer has Deep Blue Planet on South Node
The Leo daughter of James Packer & wife Erica - an heir to her father's $6 billion+ fortune - has Pluto (inheritances) and Jupiter (large fortunes) rising either side of her Capricorn (old money) Ascendant. Her colourful name may derive from the indigo (dye) plant or refer to the New Age belief that some children, especially those born after the late 1970s, represent a higher state of human evolution. At least we know astrologically that she was born with the blue planet Neptune conjunct her South Node and Chiron. And if her reported birth time's correct: Neptune is also semi-square her Ascendant.

Libran Paul Hogan thinks ATO has had its fair share
The expatriate actor has spoken out against the Australian Taxation Office's investigation into his tax affairs, telling it to "bugger off, you've had your share." Librans usually prefer to keep the peace, but clearly Saturn (the taskmaster) has rubbed 'Hoges' up the wrong way during its tight semi-sextile with his natal Moon, the ruler of his 8th House (of tax matters). With Saturn now on his midheaven, Hogan has become the highest-profile target of the Operation Wickenby tax probe. My advice during Saturn transits: stick up for yourself but don't end up with your foot stuck in your mouth.

Casey Stoner: wins German Grand Prix under Mars transit
Gold Coast-born motorcycle racer Casey Stoner was named Young Australian of the Year in 2008 while his Solar Arc progressed Jupiter at 29 Aquarius formed an exact sextile with Australia's 29 Aries Ascendant. Natally, Mars is his most angular planet - making him a tough opponent in his chosen sport. Yet now - this July - he has won the German Grand Prix in wet conditions, as transiting Mars (at 7 Virgo) quincunxes his natal Jupiter (at 7 Aquarius). During this transit his competitive skills must have been pushed to the limit!

Pamela Anderson: sexy Gemini saves animals & Big Brother ratings
The former Baywatch star boosted the ratings of the flagging BB reality series with her "tricks of the trade" meanwhile protesting against KFC (a major sponsor of the show). Some people might see her actions as paradoxical but not the busty Gemini blonde. Cancer-Rising Anderson is a sensitive soul who rightly points out that people (and big companies) shouldn't be cruel to chickens or any other critters for that matter. Join her in supporting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban: has sunny Leo rising & mystic rectangle
Speculation abounds about the naming of Monday's child. Was her moniker inspired by Sidney Nolan's muse, artist Sunday Reed, or by Queensland's Whitsundays island chain where mother Nicole Kidman spent her 40th birthday, or by an ancient African tradition? Anyway, we know astro-logically that Sunday Rose is a 'born performer' with sunny Leo on her Ascendant and a mystic rectangle involving her Moon, Sun, Jupiter & Uranus. Her parents' composite Jupiter is conjunct her Leo South Node, so Sunday Rose should have inherited a promising set of creative genes.

Bindi Irwin: bright little Leo captures hearts to win 2008 Emmy
A popular and playful 'Double Leo' (born with both Sun and Moon in the sign of the Lion), child star 'Bindi' is truly a little queen of the jungle, complete with her own 26-part Jungle Girl television show (for which she won the 2008 Daytime Emmy Award as most Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series). In Bindi we see an adventurous and forthright spirit that's typical of an Aries Ascendant in action. Moreover, with her Chiron-in-Scorpio conjunct Steve Irwin's natal Neptune, this ambassador for sunny Queensland is following in her famous father's footsteps as another 'wildlife warrior' conservationist. You go Girl!

Cate Blanchett Mercurial star shines in androgynous roles
This multiple award-winning Melburnian plays Bob Dylan in Todd Haynes' Iím Not There plus a boyishly-bobbed villain in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She's the only female actor to be nominated for an Oscar twice for playing the same role in two separate films: she played Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth (1998) and in Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007). Astro-logically fittingly, the gifted Blanchett's North Node at 29 Pisces (the last degree of the zodiac) occupies the same degree as Elizabeth I's Neptune.

Elle Macpherson: subject of kiss-&-tell memoir (& Neptune transit)
With both her Moon and Ascendant in gorgeous Taurus, supermodel 'Elle' possesses the sort of physical assets that can only inspire a nickname like 'the body.' Yet this Sydney-born beauty also has plenty of brains: Her Mercury-Sun conjunction in Aries plus Saturn on her Midheaven have blessed her with a shrewd head for business, and indeed (besides 'selling herself' in typical Aries fashion) Macpherson has made a considerable fortune from marketing her 'intimates' brand of lingerie.

Eric Bana: surprise! Sun-in-Leo star to share billing in Funny People!
True to his look-at-me Sun-in-Leo (that acts as 'final dispositor' in his chart), this talented dramatic actor and comedian is just as happy in low-budget films as he is in major studio productions - just as long as he gets to perform in the leading role!! With Leo Sun opposite Aquarian Moon both squaring his Neptune-in-Scorpio, Bana's film and television work ranges from romantic comedies and drama to science fiction and action thrillers. Meanwhile he puts his leftover energy (like his unaspected Jupiter-in-Virgo) to good use as a motor racing enthusiast and keen supporter of Australian rules football.

Heath Ledger: 'the Joker' tipped to win him posthumous Oscar
When asked about his acting technique, this unique Perth-born actor let his 'final dispositor,' the Moon-in-Cancer, speak for him: "At the end of the day, it all comes down to my instincts." With Mercury/Mars-in-Pisces squared and ruled by Neptune-in-Sagittarius giving him a distinctive 'edge,' this young man who was named after Emily BrontŽ's Heathcliff became an accomplished character actor, earning popular and critical respect for his craft, including a nomination for the 2005 Oscar for "Best Actor in a Leading Role" for his portrayal of bisexual cowboy Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain.

Hugh Jackman: Australia hunk to get star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
With Mercury-in-Libra ruling his Gemini Moon, this versatile and good-looking Sydney-born actor can easily switch between roles: successfully playing the all-action hero (Wolverine, Van Helsing), the song-and-dance man (Curly in Oklahoma!, Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz), or the romantic lead (Jack Willis in Paperback Hero, The Drover in Australia). Venus conjunct Neptune in tall-dark-and-sexy Scorpio just adds to his magnetic appeal. Phew Hugh!

Judy Davis: turns from a tragic Judy into a troubled Joan
A 'Double Taurus' (born with both New Moon and Sun in the Sign of the Bull), this NIDA-trained Perth-born actor comes across as a down-to-earth and no-nonsense (and no bullshit!) sort of person. Yet Venus-in-Pisces rules her Taurus luminaries from the apex of a Yod pattern, explaining her repeated portrayal of brittle, neurotic women (like Judy Garland whose Sagittarian Moon conjoins Davis's North Node). Look out for Judy's Joan in the next season of The Starter Wife.

Julian McMahon: beware the dark charms of his Libran South Node!
The only son of Australian Prime Minister, Sir William 'Billy' McMahon (and his glamorous scene-stealing wife, Sonia), handsome Libra-Rising Julian started out as a florist & fashion model. Success in a jeans commercial led to a recurring acting role in Australian soap Home and Away and later to parts in popular American TV series. With his 8th House and South Node ruled by Venus-in-Leo, McMahon is in his element playing evil but lovable characters like the demonic Cole Turner in Charmed, seductive playboy plastic surgeon Christian Troy in Nip/Tuck and supervillain Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four films.

Kylie Minogue: pop princess receives OBE during 'Neptune Square'
This 'Double Gemini' has both luminaries (Sun & Moon) in the Sign of the Twins.

Lleyton Hewitt

Miranda Otto: Venus-in-Scorpio gal positively glows in Cashmere Mafia
Brisbane-born scion of acting family, Otto Lord of the Rings

naomi watts

Nicole Kidman: gives birth to Cancerian 'Sunday Rose' (on a Monday!?)
With Sun in the last degree of Gemini ruling Jupiter-in-Leo on her midheaven, Honolulu-born Kidman is one of the world's most versatile, prolific and highest-paid actors. Criticised by some people for her 'Ice Queen' exterior (and admired by others -like me- for being 'pretty cool'), Kidman has nevertheless made the most out of her icy Scorpio Ascendant and its ruler, Pluto-in-Virgo. After all, she tapped into her colder and more virginal side to play Virginia Woolf in The Hours, scoring the 2003 Oscar Award for Best Actress! (BTW: Kidman's North Node is exactly conjunct Woolf's Saturn. Now that's spooky).

Russell Crowe

toni collette

ian thorpe
Known as the 'thorpedo' (torpedo in speedos), this Olympian swimmer has an unaspected Jupiter.