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Sagittarius Ascendant, Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Pluto T-Square

Chart Data: 20 July 1842, about 15:00 (3 PM) LMT, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. AR: BB (Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes flat data from the "Municipal Beginnings" section of the City of Sydney website: "In 1840, Governor Gipps introduced a bill to the Legislative Council to establish municipal institutions in New South Wales. On 20 July 1842, an Act (6 Vic.No 3) was passed 'to declare the town of Sydney to be a city and to incorporate the inhabitants thereof'." Scholfield adds that according to the Sydney Morning Herald (21 July 1842), the "Sydney Municipal Corporation Bill" was the last bill of the day passed on 20 July. The NSW Legislative Council Votes and Proceedings (20 July 1842, available at the State Library of NSW) states that the Council met at 12 o'clock that day and adjourned at Four o'Clock. There were six items on the agenda, with the Sydney Corporation Bill being the fourth. A time of 3 o'Clock for the Passing of that bill is speculative but based on that information.