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Cancerian Sydney is home to one-fifth of all Australians
Australia's chief city has its Sun in the ('cardinal water') Sign of Cancer ('the Crab'), and is thus famous for its glittering harbour and Opera House (recognised by its crustacean-like shells). Moreover, 'The Emerald City' has its Sun in the (fairytale & glitzy) Pisces decanate of Cancer. With (larger-than-life) Sagittarius rising, Sydney is the nation's most expansive and most expensive city (particularly for real estate). The Cancerian & Sagittarian influences have made this metropolis a magnet for immigrants seeking refuge & better opportunities, and so today the 'Harbour City' is one of the world's most multicultural and tolerant destinations. And what about Sydney's natural beauty? That's due to Venus in Virgo on its Midheaven of course!

Leo Melbourne is Australia's stylish 'sporting and cultural capital'
Melbourne is a very Leo city: vibrant, active, dramatic, funny, fashionable and creative (and proudly so). Today 'Marvellous Melbourne' (as it was known during the Victorian gold rush) has become the country's sporting and cultural heart. The host city of the 1956 Summer Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games, it is also the world headquarters of the AFL (Australian Football League). A major centre of entertainment (particularly of the music, comedy and television industries), Melbourne is renowned for its art institutions including the National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square and the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Attractive Libran Brisbane is lovely, arty, musical & friendly
Libra is associated with bridges and arches, and Brisbane's best-known landmarks include the elegant Story Bridge and the Grand Arbour at Southbank (the longest in the world). Librans often have musical and artistic talents (and indeed in 2007 Billboard identified Brisbane as one of the Top 5 International Music Hotspots, while Brisbane's GoMA is the nation's largest modern art gallery). Gemini-rising Brisbane has a split personality (being a 'country town / metropolis') and is divided geographically by 'the river.' Sunny 'Brizzy' (the only major Aussie city with a friendly nickname) is the fastest-growing Australian capital city. The suburbs of the Queensland capital join with those of the Gold Coast (like 'conjoined' twins) to form Australia's longest conurbation, a 200 kilometre city.

Sagittarian Perth is the remote but booming 'City of Light'
The capital of Western Australia (the country's largest state) is quintessentially Sagittarian: expansive, opportunistic and always on the move. Unstoppable Perth today sprawls not only around the wide, blue Swan River but also along a lengthy coastline. This freeway city has a higher percentage of land used for roads than any other metropolis except Houston, and the same number of cars per head as Los Angeles. Yet with unaspected Uranus ruling its Aquarian Moon (urban population), Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world. WA's rich natural resources will keep its economy booming for decades.

Sh! Quiet Scorpio Adelaide is one of Australia's best kept secrets
Adelaide (like its sign Scorpio) is insular and self-controlled (and readily associated with serial killers) yet with Venus in Sagittarius the capital of South Australia is an expansive and beautiful city with a lively arts festival. Chiron (the 'greenie' cometoid) rises in Adelaide's chart, making it Australia's greenest metropolis - an orderly and well-designed 'city in a park' noted for its wide range of fresh food. The Moon in Capricorn explains the city's remarkably dryness (and somewhat stiff and stuffy feel), yet also explains its quaint stone houses and famous hills.

The Taurean Gold Coast is easy-going, laid-back and loves to party!
The tourist city of the Gold Coast has its Sun in Taurus ruled by Venus in Cancer. The latter explains its glorious, oceanside location; active nightlife; and bosomy, bikini-clad 'meter maids.' Moreover, with its Sun in the (aspirational) Capricorn decanate of Taurus the Gold Coast is Australia's most high-rise city (topped by the nation's tallest free-standing structure, the Q1 apartment tower). Its also Australia's largest non-capital city. Another Capricorn feature is the city's glorious mountainous hinterland. And with its Moon in fun-loving and family-orientated Leo, the Gold Coast abounds with tourist attractions and theme parks.

Newcastle: -----!
Australia's cultural capital. the world headquarters of the AFL (Australian Football League).

Piscean Canberra's uncluttered roads keep you going round in circles
With its circular roads, lack of fences and charming lakeside location, Australia's capital city is a typically Piscean place: open-ended and free-flowing around a central water feature (Lake Burley Griffin). And it's all so easy to get lost there! Canberra has (administrative) Saturn rising and its Pisces Sun in the (governmental) 10th House, and so this rather insular city was built by bureaucrats for bureaucrats. Its Sun is also located in the (icy) Scorpio decanate of Pisces, explaining astro-logically at least why Canberra is unique among mainland capitals in that its central city area gets winter frost and snow.

Despite its name The Sunshine Coast has 'no fire' in its chart
Established in 2008 by the amalgamation of the Caloundra, Maroochy and Noosa councils, The Sunshine Coast (Regional Council) is one of Australia's newest cities. Although it has no tenanted Fire Signs in its chart, The Sunshine Coast's most angular (and therefore most influential) planet is the Sun (conjunct the IC). Moreover, the Sun is found in watery Pisces, befitting this city with its 100km of beautiful seaside beaches. With Jupiter rising in the (earthy) Taurus decanate of (hilly) Capricorn, this region is home to more individual national parks than any other in Queensland. These parks include Mapleton Falls and The Glasshouse Mountains. Another local tourist attraction is Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.

Hobart: -----!
Australia's cultural capital. the world headquarters of the AFL (Australian Football League).

Wollongong: -----!
Australia's cultural capital. the world headquarters of the AFL (Australian Football League).

Townsville: -----!
Australia's cultural capital. the world headquarters of the AFL (Australian Football League).

Cairns: -----!
Australia's cultural capital. the world headquarters of the AFL (Australian Football League).