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Visitor attractions in Australia

Brisbane City Hall: "palatial civic edifice" has Neptune rising!
On the day of its opening in 1930 the Brisbane Courier declared Brisbane City Hall "the most palatial civic edifice in the British Empire." (With its Jupiter conjunct Australia's 2nd-House Pluto, it remained the most expensive building in Australia until the completion of the Sydney Opera House in 1971). The four clock faces on each side of its tower are the largest in Australia (Capricorn Saturn conjunct Australia's Sun). Local sculptor Daphne Mayo carved the pediment.

Gallery of Modern Art: blah blah blah!

Luna Park Melbourne: Mr Moon face
Opened in 1912...

Luna Park Sydney: with Uranus Rising it's 'Just for fun'
Opened in 1935 (with Uranus on its Ascendant) Luna Park Sydney has experienced nearly as many ups and downs as its famous harbour-hugging roller-coaster ride, having survived various closures, changes of ownership, legal battles, and community actions about its future. Entrance to the park is through an enormous smiling face that has been redesigned eight times. (The Park's Ascendant-ruler Venus is conjunct Australia's Ascendant-ruler Mars so the laughing face is one of the most recognisable countenances in Australia). With its Unaspected Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Sydney's Ascendant this amusement park has remained popular with locals and visitors alike. Today it is once again Sydney's premier theme park.

Queen Victoria Building: blah blah blah!

St Mary's Cathedral: Gothic Revival masterpiece has unaspected Pluto!
Sydney's St Mary’s Cathedral is the largest church in Australia and the biggest sandstone building in the country (its Sun is conjunct Australia's Mars). Building began in 1868 and the cathedral was opened in 1928 yet the spires were not completed until 2000 (the historical delays in its construction in keeping with Saturn on its south Node). St Mary's is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney (the cathedral's Sun is conjunct Sydney's MC).

Sydney Harbour Bridge: Angular Neptune rules its Pisces Zenith
With its Neptune conjunct both Australia's natal Mars and Sydney's natal MC, the Harbour Bridge has become an internationally recognised symbol of both the nation and its largest city. The iconic focus of Australia's largest celebrations (like the 2000 Olympics and annual New Year's Eve parties) the bridge often appears in photographs emblazened with colourful lights and fireworks. Venus-in-Taurus as final dispositor explains the sheer beauty of 'The Coathanger,' while Moon/Jupiter-in-Leo affords its status as the world's widest long-span bridge and tallest steel arch bridge.

Sydney Opera House: Wonder of the World has Neptune-Venus on MC
The Sydney Opera House's Venus is conjunct Australia's Venus (both in Sagittarius), and so it is recognised far and wide as an icon of Australian beauty and elegance. Its graceful concrete 'shells' are explained by Saturn-in-Cancer because the planet Saturn is associated with structure while Cancer (the Crab sign) represents hard-shelled water creatures. This major performing arts venue also has a dramatic Leo Moon.